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When does the challenge begin and End?

The Challenge Starts October 17th. And will end on November 10th.

What time will the classes be live?

Classes are live Mon - Thurs.

 7:30pm EST

What if I miss a live class?

All classes are recorded and will be available for replay at your convenience.

What are the descriptions of each class?

Monday is butt and gut. We focus on the Glutes, Abs and Core. Duration - 30 minutes. Resistant bands are recommended but not needed.


Tuesday is Tone Up Tuesday.  We focus on toning up the upper body (arms, shoulders, back, chest and stomach. Duration - 45 minutes.

Light weights are recommended but not necessary. 

Wednesday is Cardio Kickboxing.  Fun, Fun, Fun. This most popular class will burn a minimal of 500 calories. No equipment necessary.  Duration - 45 minutes. 

Thursday is Cardio and Lower Body Strength. We mix Cardio workouts and lower body strength training.  Weights are recommended but not necessary. Duration - 45 minutes. 

Do we warm up and stretch before class?

Yes, we warm up before every class and stretch after every class.  It's very important. 

How do I enter the live classes?

Once you sign up you will be prompted to create an account.  After you create an account go to to view the schedule. Make sure you reserve your spot for the classes.  You'll receive an email with the zoom link.  The zoom link is the same for ALL classes.  DO NOT SHARE ZOOM LINK. Class attendees are monitored and any non-member entering class that's not registered will be removed. 

What if there is something on the meal plan that I don't like or I'm allergic to?

Each meal plan has the option to swap out a food item for another with the same nutritional value.

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