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Carla Gitten

I am thrilled to announce that our outstanding fitness client of the month for May is none other than Carla Gittens! 


Carla has consistently shown incredible dedication and commitment by showing up to our classes day in and day out. Her unwavering enthusiasm and positive attitude have truly been an inspiration to us all. 


Not only has Carla been a regular participant, but she has also achieved remarkable results in terms of weight loss and inches lost.  Her hard work and determination have paid off, and we couldn't be more proud of her achievements.


Carla's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her perseverance and consistency have allowed her to surpass her own expectations and improve her overall performance in our classes. Whether it's lifting heavier weights, increasing her endurance, or mastering new techniques, Carla has shown incredible growth and progress. 


As Carla's fitness coach, I am truly honored, proud, and happy to be a part of her incredible fitness journey. Witnessing her transformation and seeing her push herself beyond her limits has been incredibly rewarding. 


Carla, your commitment, hard work, and positive energy have made you an outstanding role model for everyone in our fitness community and church. Your achievements serve as a reminder that with consistency and determination, anything is possible. Keep up the amazing work, and continue inspiring those around you! 


Please join me in congratulating Carla Gittens on this well-deserved recognition as our Fitness Client of the Month! 

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